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Shock Frenzy

SHOCK FRENZY is a hard rock band which formed in 2008. The band started as a five piece unit involving, Paul Hospodar,Vocals - Matt Sather, Drums - Andy Brant, Guitar - Matt Jenkin, Guitar & Brian Sather, Bass.

In December 2011, after three years of dedication, Brian decided to leave the band to pursue other adventures. Not looking to replace Brian, Paul also being a bass player stepped into the role and will fill the bass and lead vocal duties.

In August of 2016, Matthew Jenkin and the band parted ways. The lead guitar duties have been taken over by Tad Clark.

To this date Shock Frenzy has released 1 full length recording called FEEL THE FRENZY & one 3 SONG EP titled HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRE.


Paul Hospodar: Vocals/Bass - Matt Sather: Drums - Andy "Blaze" Brant: Guitar - Tad Clark: Lead Guitar




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